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What kind of services can we provide for you?

Our team specializes in long-term rentals and pride ourselves on being the "one-stop shop" for your property management needs.  

We focus on quality management of your property and a good relationship with our customers.  
We have many years of experience in the industry, have managed many different property types, and are small enough to provide you with the personal attention you need!


So, what kinds of services can you expect from the United Professional Management team?

Administrative & Financial
Leasing and Managing Residents
  • Perform all management services as an agent of the owner

  • Collect and deposit rents and disburse funds as authorized by owner, including owner distributions

  • Maintain bank accounts

  • Monthly reporting to owners including cash flow reports, general ledger, accounts receivable balances

  • Prepare year-end statements and issue vendor & owner 1099-MISC forms

  • Prepare annual budget, provide backup records for receipts and disbursements upon owner request

  • Provide prompt, friendly and reliable service to owners, residents and vendors with regard to your property

  • Communicate with the owner as needed via phone, text, email, mail or in-person meeting

  • Comply with all legal requirements and keep up-to-date with state and federal regulations with regard to your rental property

  • Advertise available units utilizing electronic and print media

  • Perform market research to determine the best rental rate for your property

  • Show available units, schedule check-in and check-outs with residents, as well as maintenance requests

  • Run background checks and check references for prospeective residents

  • Prepare, sign, execute, renew and cancel leases as necessary

  • Collect and escrow security deposits, prepare and submit security deposit accountings for past residents as required by law

  • Pursue collection on delinquent balances for current and past residents

  • Serve as the first-line of communication with residents, prepare and serve notices to residents

Maintaining Your Property & Managing Vendors
  • Manage, perform or supervise ordinary repairs and replacements necessary to preserve the property in its present condition, for the operating efficiency of the property, and for all alterations required to comply with lease requirements

  • Contract with, supervise, discharge and pay vendors as authorized by the owner

  • Ensure required general maintenance, plumbing, electrical, appliance repairs/replacements, carpet repairs/installation, painting, landscaping and snow removal is completed in a satisfactory manner

  • Serve as the first-line of communication with vendors

  • Request and retain necessary insurance and tax documentation for vendors

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